23 February 2017



Furniture made of teak are something a lot of you have. This sixties style became popular again years ago, after being a certain no no for decades, and teak is here to stay. Old is new as we all know, and in my opinion nothing is in or out, cold or hot. Style is so much more than trends. Teak furniture contemplate a lot of styles and are pieces to use when you like to mix and combine from different directions. Many teak owners ask me though how to use or decorate teak, as it can actually be tricky to use the kind of orangy wood with some other, especially oak. It's easier to go lighter or darker in wood when using teak furniture. But concrete and quite raw materials are probably easiest to match with it, as grey tones are friendly with teak. Following are some really nice photos, that show how teak sideboards, chest of drawers and bences can be decorated and be outstanding. Study to steal by read more. 

for all infos go there

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