28 February 2017



How all white home can work out perfectly. Although a solid and forever fan of colours in homes, the question is always; is white a colour? It depends whom you're talking to, but of course white is a colour in the spectrum. Looking at all white homes that really are masterfully done, makes me feel really intriguing. But as with all homes, the style and touch of owners are what matters if everything is going to work together. This home in Milan has it all. The apartment itself is the perfect base, all the shell is white except the kitchen floor so the impact is as much as possible, many of the furniture are white with a touch of natural flair and texture so there aren't deep contrasts in color palette that can be difficult to handle in all white. And what I like a lot is the choice of furniture; sofas with loose covers, mattresses, rattan, metal and natural rugs. Notice the small table in the kitchen, how its style softens the modern kitchen units. CLICK HERE to read the story and see all the photos. 

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